Take up VIBROS company as your partner when:

  • you are not just seeking erotic utilities
  • you need surface vibrators for knocking and shaking hoppers or as excitor for vibrating machine
  • you solve smart and reliable transport of loose and piece materials, namely for short distance
  • you think about classification, sieving, drying and cooling of loose substances
  • you look for reliable supplier of even a single vibrator drive, as well as many vibrating machines for your technology line
  • you welcome our position in the heart of Europe

Surface vibrators

Vibrating drives are applied as excitors of oscillation. The source of exciting force are rotating unbalanced counterweights, fixed on both sides of electromotor shaft. The vibrators are used basically as drives for vibrating machines. Small vibrators are used for knock-down hoppers.

Vibratory machines

Vibratory conveyors, feeders, classifiers (sieving, control, dewatering), shakeout tables and grids – there are examples of the most supplied machines. Due to their properties are favored for optimal solution of various technological processes.